about me
name: morgan
birthday: 05/05
location: nohr
r/s status: single
Hello, I'm Nine! Any pronouns. I'd like to keep my personal private, and if you find it, please ask before following.

Anyhow, this is a Fates AU, meaning that Morgan is in the same situation as Laslow/Inigo, Odin/Owain, and Selena/Severa. She resides in Nohr, of course.

I'd like to think she is working as Corrin/Kamui's retainer, since her mother is Robin! Protagonist stuff. She doesn't really class change from a Tactician like the other three do, but that's mostly because I'm lazy. She doesn't even have a fake name.

For angsty purposes and for my own self-indulgence, Morgan has the Mark of Grima, but she hides it. Whether or not I decide to bring it depends on my motivation, so you can just ignore this little gist.

I would also like to note that Morgan has two mothers, one of them being Robin, of course, and the other being Olivia. Needless to say, that means Laslow/Inigo is her brother. Don't ask why. Again, purely friend-group indulgence. Other role-players not part of the family can still interact! I just want other male Robins to not casually call her his daughter.

I think that's all for now? Make sure to check the Rules page!